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Our website at WolversonVisual.com has been active for a few months now, but we have decided that it would be nice to add a more personal touch in the form of a blog section. We want to share some behind the scenes images and information about what happens on a photoshoot so that you understand exactly what to expect. Knowledge is power, and we want to share what we know with you! To do this, we will be providing gear reviews and advice, whilst also giving an insight into some of our personal projects. Hopefully, we will also be able to provide some creative inspiration!

The start of Wolverson Visual

I (Nat) previously worked as a freelance photographer in the West Midlands. However, I ended up taking an 8-5 office job in order to get a mortgage. Towards the end of November 2020, I relocated to the East Midlands. After a few months, I settled in Derby and decided to pursue my passion of photography once again. This time, however, I decided to combine my creative interests into one business: photography, design, and writing. Emma also joined the team to add more writing and creative experience.

Meet the team: Nat

Photography has been something that I have always enjoyed; from the days of disposable film cameras, to getting my first DSLR camera, and then investing in a mirrorless camera. I enjoy capturing images and documenting them as memories to be cherished.

I have always been creative in the forms of photography, design and writing. At age 13, I had my first written work published as part of a “Young Minds” book, and I also won a story writing award that same year.

During my time studying abroad in The Netherlands, I worked as a freelance graphic designer. At the same time, I created my first blog, where I wrote about my experience of studying Law. To add to my freelance career, I became an author for an online publishing company. This gave me the freedom to write around my studies and to choose assignments and topics that interested me. Since then, I created another blog which gets over 1,100 visitors a month.

Meet the team: Emma

I have a passion for writing and all things creative. I have been writing since a young age and have experience writing just about anything; from articles and publications, to corporate and marketing scripts. I am a published author with publications in self-help books and articles which provide support to those affected by mental health disorders. I have also published numerous children’s books in support of Autism Spectrum Disorder. All profits from my published works go to charity.

In addition, I have previously been asked to produce presentations and creative designs for charity events. I previously volunteered with ‘Reach the Creative Media’ in delivering creative sessions to young adults. I attend regular writing, art and design groups as I enjoy the challenge of working on different creative projects with like-minded people in the community.

My most recent project is ArtsyPrint, where I create and sell personalized designs and prints. Not only do I design greetings cards and posters, I also create seasonal items, such as Christmas scratch-cards and gifts (Santa’s Magic Key, Santa’s Nice List, Letter from Santa, etc.).

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